The greatest gift!


Life is the greatest gift that you and I will ever receive. Unfortunately, it is temporary and its warranty has no guarantee.  So live each day like it is your last day.

I met an older woman today as I was taking my grandson to eat a late lunch.  That’s one of our favorite shared activities; eating.  As I was removing him from the car seat she stopped to admire him and to remind me how beautiful he was.  I framed that this way because her comments were not proclamations rather they were confirmations of what I already knew. Her words were kind and we stood there talking for a moment as my grandson was still asleep.  She told me that I had a handsome son and I let her know that I was his proud grandpa.  She say that I didn’t look old enough to be anyone’s grandfather.  I thanked her and let her know that I was quickly approaching 50 years old.  She shared that she was well over 70, and that it goes down hill pretty fast at her age.

She went on to share that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was the survivor of a double mastectomy.  She had just finished lunch after her earlier doctor’s visit where she had gotten good news about her medical condition.  As we parted ways, she looked back and said that despite all that she had been through God is still good.  Without any hesitation I agreed that no statement could be truer.  I wished her safe travels as she was heading back to East Texas.

Later, I reflected on my own life and promised myself that I would not squander my gift and would continue to share it with as many people as I could.  When I think about my family, I am keenly aware that we have experienced more health the sickness, more prosperity than poverty, more joy than sadness, and more peace than confusion.  And for that I am grateful.

What about you?  How would you summarize your life experiences?







Author: Latane Brackett

A purpose driven, servant leader who has been blessed in more ways than can be counted. I have had the privilege to lead and to serve large teams, and my underlying belief is that all people deserve to be respected and treated with dignity. We are all without limits. We just need to live that way. There is no ceiling on how high you can soar.

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