Caring comes before carrying

As a rule, you don’t carry the flag until you care about the cause. Shifting an organization’s paradigm from apathy to engagement requires a significant amount of energy. Developing a change plan, though complex, is not nearly as difficult as convincing others to embrace your vision. That is the crux of leading through transitions. The challenge is to get the team to answer your call and to move them into action. For that, you need team engagement. There are many definitions for engagement. Here is mine: The process of expanding the ownership of a target, goal, or strategy in a manner that aligns both the hearts and efforts of each member of the team. To achieve this transformational state you must clearly and persuasively make your case for change.

You can start by explaining why change is needed and is more desirable than the status quo. When people care about the cause they will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure a project’s success. True ownership is not limited. Owners measure success by what is achieved rather than by effort expended. They relinquish selfish thoughts for more selfless considerations. Synergy is unleashed. And the sky transforms from a limitation to an open expanse for discovery and further accomplishment.

How well have you explained your cause? Is it one worth carrying? Are you shouldering a fair share of the load? Do your actions align with your stated cause? Are you fully engaged? Are you aligned or just in line without purpose?

Author: Latane Brackett

A purpose driven, servant leader who has been blessed in more ways than can be counted. I have had the privilege to lead and to serve large teams, and my underlying belief is that all people deserve to be respected and treated with dignity. We are all without limits. We just need to live that way. There is no ceiling on how high you can soar.

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