This election season

If this election has done one thing, it has revealed the true nature of every person who purported to be color and gender blind while working in the shadows with eyes open. Not since the civil rights and suffrage movements has there been such an open clash of ideology where race, sex, gender, religion, and national origin were on the front line. Jim Crow, nepotism, the good old boy system, religious piety, and racial superiority are being paraded about as though they are not rooted in the same ignorance, arrogance, social depravity, self proclaimed elitism, and fanaticism that has threatened to collapse the constitutional pillars of this great union by undermining the very foundation of human decency that our inalienable rights are rooted in. It’s not just trash talk. It’s trashy people talking. Therein lies the danger. And although our constitution allows for discord it holds no place for fear mongering and social racketeering that exploits the powerless, the young, the old, the weak, the ill informed, and the outright gullible!

Author: Latane Brackett

A purpose driven, servant leader who has been blessed in more ways than can be counted. I have had the privilege to lead and to serve large teams, and my underlying belief is that all people deserve to be respected and treated with dignity. We are all without limits. We just need to live that way. There is no ceiling on how high you can soar.

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