Sir, are you priority?


Ever been questioned by the guy standing behind you in the boarding line who thinks he’s more important than you? Just happened again this morning while wearing my $1100 suit with my Priority tags hanging from my bags. I didn’t get out of bed at 4:30am this morning, meander into the nearest airport, and somehow sneak pass security to get lost in the priority boarding line. I belong here.

What’s the point? A little more common courtesy could be the difference between calm and calamity. My self esteem is high. So I just turned around and answered, “Absolutely!”

The thought-less affront was no more of a distraction than a fly hovering before me… it was a mild irritation…fodder for the blog. But it could have been a blow out. You never know the mental state of people standing alone minding their own business. It’s a coin toss. Are they hoping to be left alone and to go unnoticed? Or are they wishing that someone like you will be discourteous so they can rain down every curse known to mankind upon you. You might check out what Steve Harvey says about wishing and hoping. And here-forward proceed with more caution.

But really? Is one more spot ahead of the line at the beginning of the boarding process with assigned seats really worth the risk of a blow up? The person you tee up to may be as obnoxious as you are.

Even 3rd graders know that trying to “hop the line” is just plain rude.

Author: Latane Brackett

A purpose driven, servant leader who has been blessed in more ways than can be counted. I have had the privilege to lead and to serve large teams, and my underlying belief is that all people deserve to be respected and treated with dignity. We are all without limits. We just need to live that way. There is no ceiling on how high you can soar.

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