Why I wrote, “As I See It.”

The more I look around the more evident it becomes that we are facing a leadership gap.   How do I know this?   Because the evidence before us shows that we have lowered our expectations of a leader’s qualifications and behaviors.  Why would we do that if for not having a belief, albeit subconscious, that we have to settle for less.

But who really knew how much work settling would be on the rest of us?  Did we foresee that we would lose our credibility in this process?  How do you remain trustworthy propping up liars?  How do you walk the talk when you don’t understand the language?  How do you inspire others when you are intimidated?  How do you remain inclusive when you leaders are divisive?  How do you celebrate differences when they are used to profile people?

We need a reminder of how it should be, why, and what happens when we let the dogs out.

As I See It is my scattered attempt of getting us back on track.  We don’t have to get in line.  But we do need to be aligned.


Author: Latane Brackett

A purpose driven, servant leader who has been blessed in more ways than can be counted. I have had the privilege to lead and to serve large teams, and my underlying belief is that all people deserve to be respected and treated with dignity. We are all without limits. We just need to live that way. There is no ceiling on how high you can soar.

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