If you don’t like what you are reeling in, cut the line. Life is too short to work hard for things you don’t want.

Stop going through the motion and living with complacency. You don’t have to accept more of something you don’t want. You have the capacity to change your mind, change your direction, and to change your outcomes. Life doesn’t happen to you. You are not a spectator; you are on the field and you need to score. Too many people refuse to change their thinking; raise their commitment; and account for their actions.

If you are attracting the wrong crowd, the wrong results, and the wrong experiences, figure out what you are doing and stop it immediately. You don’t have to be a magnet for bad news. Take responsibility for your life and choose victory over victim. Walking alone the right way is better than walking together the wrong way. You can reshape your destiny. Don’t let others limit you. Stop associating with people who want to see you fail. Find some cheerleaders. Everyone needs encouragement. Don’t expend energy trying to prove others wrong. Focus your time on propelling yourself forward. If your line is tangled in the bramble, go and get your scissors. You may lose your prized lure, but you will regain your life. Learn to love yourself. Don’t expect others to respect you when you don’t. A confident attitude, an infectious laugh, a radiant smile, and a kind word will always draw people to you. But every fisherman knows you don’t keep all that you catch. Know what to throw back!

Are you working too hard to get something you don’t want? Are you spending more energy trying to prove people wrong than doing what you want? Do you know what you want out of life? Are you living for yourself or others? Do you love yourself? What is your evidence? Do you have lines of contact, communication, or thought that need to be cut? Do you know where your scissors are?