Lift your anchor and launch into the deep; your success lies ahead.

Dreaming about a brighter future will not bring you closer to it. You need to make forward progression–one step, one day, and one success at a time. Before you can move forward you have to lift the anchor from where you are moored. No one can do this for you. You can be trained, guided, coached, mentored, and sponsored, but it is all for naught if you fail to lift your anchor. A tiny tug boat has the power to navigate a massive ship safely through treacherous waters. However, the tugboat cannot lift the ship’s anchor from the watery depths. There are some things that you have to do for yourself. You have to make the decision and take the needed actions to propel yourself forward. You cannot experience significant forward movement until you lift your anchor(s). Some of us have more than one anchor. Anchors are the things that keep us tethered in place devoid of the positive experiences and rewards that lie just ahead of us. Anchors can be outdated attitudes; a prior experience; fear of the unknown; lack of self esteem; unhealthy relationships; a poor diet; bad habits; or excuses for remaining stagnant.

Lifting an anchor takes commitment. Once you start, you must see it through. A half raised anchor is more dangerous than one that is firmly planted. You may know someone who was speeding toward their destination and became snagged on some low-lying debris. The sudden change of momentum toppled their dreams and dashed their ship against the rocks. This is especially true of failed relationships where the individual learns of your successes and resurfaces in your life claiming to have realized that you were all that they ever needed. You will soon discover that you may have moved forward, but they haven’t changed. You may have thought they were all that, but you rediscover that they aren’t any of that. Don’t let that anchor continue to hold you back. Lift it from the water and expose it for what it is. Stop letting things that lie below the surface ambush you.

Raise your anchor well above the water so that it will not catch you up in the weeds.

What is anchoring you in place and keeping you from your future successes? Are you tired of spinning your wheels and not getting ahead? Are you ready to lift your anchor? Have you ignored feedback and sound advice because you refuse to move forward? Who considers you to be their tugboat? Are you towing someone else’s anchored ship?